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At Winslow Church of England School, our vision is ‘Let Your Light Shine’. Every person in our school community has been made in the image of God and is loved unconditionally by God. Everyone is equal, and we treat each other with dignity and respect. Our school is a place where everyone should be able to ‘Let Their Light Shine’ in a loving and inclusive community. 

As a Church of England School, we instil Christian principles within our pupils; promoting strong values of mutual respect, forgiveness, kindness and love.  

Our Core Christian Values have been developed in consultation with the student voice, staff and parents. They have recently been refined by our Pupil Leadership Team and are displayed throughout the school; they form the basis of how all stakeholders conduct themselves during the working day.   

We believe in positive reinforcement and praise and that happy children learn well. We believe that all children are entitled to reach their potential in a safe, caring and happy environment and that clear boundaries and sanctions enable children to thrive. We recognise that changes in behaviour can be an indicator, reflecting unhappy circumstances. 

We pride ourselves on being a school community in which children can flourish, letting their light shine, whilst feeling safe and happy.

We are delighted to announce that Winslow Church of England School has been awarded the Anti-Bullying Alliance’s Gold School status for all our hard work and commitment in reducing and preventing bullying and improving the well-being of our pupils. 



We support our children to be resilient and in control of their emotions when faced with adversity. To this end, we adopt the DEBUG strategy. The DEBUG System assists children in establishing boundaries, becoming assertive and promoting self-management.