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Welcome to Year 3

Our Year 3 Team

  • Mrs Parker
  • Miss Benton/Miss Nolan
  • Mrs Picillo – Learning Support Assistant
  • Mrs Robbins - Learning Support Assistant
  • Miss Briggenshaw – Learning Support Assistant
  • Mrs Davey – Learning Support Assistant

What’s new in Key Stage Two?

  • French – taught by the class teacher on a weekly basis – basic greetings and vocabulary
  • Pen licences – awarded when children are demonstrating neat handwriting across all subjects and the ability to edit and correct work neatly as well.
  • A gradually increased expectation for children to work independently and take more responsibility for their own organisation (homework – Reading and Times Tables, equipment, relaying messages)


We have PE on Monday afternoon with TFG and outdoor games on Wednesday afternoon. Please ensure that your child has the correct footwear for these sessions. During the colder months, please provide appropriate layers and gloves to keep your child warm.

Please remember to label PE kits with your child's name and class.


Children are encouraged to bring in a healthy snack for their morning break. This should either be fruit or vegetable based. All children should also bring a named water bottle to drink throughout the day.

Reading in Year 3

Reading is vitally important and supports all subjects within our curriculum. We encourage all children to read daily, from a wide range of texts. All children should read aloud to an adult at home at least five times a week; to practise and improve reading fluently, and to improve our understanding of what we read. Reading also supports our writing; both fiction and non-fiction. We are fortunate to have such an amazing library in our school which provides a wide range of books to choose from.

Each class also has a ‘Sleepover Book Buddy’ bag which children take turns to take home for a week. Inside, you will find a selection of different things to read, a bear to read to and a notebook to record what and where you have read.


We visit the school library every Tuesday afternoon to change our books.

Timetable Rockstars

As well as daily reading, we also would like each child to regularly practise their timestables using Timestable Rockstars. Keep an eye out for when we set inter-year group and class battles to practise those skills!